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Welcome Parents,


   My name is Mrs. Nadine Atresino-Floyd. I am Parent Coordinator of Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School. I am a mom of three young boys and have a keen love for family and friendship. I strongly believe in communication as the key to maintaining strong relationships. I bring to you a wealth of knowledge in both the field of Education and Social Work. Previously, I worked as a General Education and then a Special Education Teacher here at Brooklyn Gardens for a total of 8 years. In my transition into the Parent Coordinators role my experience as an educator and social worker brings me greater insight in supporting our BGES families in learning the Academic and SEL Curriculum that your children are learning on a daily basis. With my experience in the Social Work field, this increases the support I can offer all of our scholars and families at BGES. Consider me your number one resource for support! I am here for you!

Parent engagement and/or involvement doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be physically present. Being involved looks and sounds differently for different family dynamics. For example, connecting through class dojo, showing up to Town Hall meetings, meeting with your child's teacher, or even emailing back and forth. It’s simply COMMUNICATION. Our family engagement goal is to increase overall participation between families and school staff and I am and will be that bridge to connect us all.

My role as Parent Coordinator is to support the most valuable people in your children’s lives, which are you! I’m here to answer questions to support you with any concerns regarding your child's academic or social-emotional well-being. I will be there to walk you through whatever concerns, apprehensions or questions you might have. I promise that if I can’t find an answer to your questions, I will find you someone who can. My expectations for this year are to cover topics of interest that concern you as parents. I also plan to bring you various workshops that are intended to help you and your family support your child's academic learning. I will be sending updates regularly via email, Class Dojo, and through Google Classroom. Other ways to stay connected with us is by downloading our BGES app onto your mobile phone and researching us through our fantastic website Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School ( . Families are more than welcome to email me at, or call the school to 718-495-7012 ext. 1071. You are welcome to contact me at any time or if vaccinated stop by to simply chat and meet in person. Let's work together to ensure the success of your child.

With love from,

Your VERY DEDICATED Parent Coordinator,


Mrs. Nadine Atresino-Floyd


Mrs. Nadine

Parent Coordinator

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