All students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade will have the opportunity to  engage in high quality discourse fueled by open-ended questioning and prompts in order to promote student thinking and understanding of the concepts and skills addressed in instruction, which will result in increased student performance in the use of academic and/or content specific vocabulary in Literacy/Writing and the representation of conceptual understanding through Mathematical modeling.


By June 2021, there will be a 2.4 point Increase, from 77.6 to 80 MIP for All students, as measured by the 2021 NYS ELA Test.

CEP Math Goal

ByBy June, 2021, there will be a 5 point Increase, from 72.4 to 77.4 for All Students, as measured by the 2021 NYS Math Exam Results.

CEP Attendance / Chronic Absenteeism Goal

By June, 2021, Chronic Absenteeism for All Students will decrease by at least 7.2%, from 32.2 % (86 students) to 25% (67 students), as measured by the Chronic Absenteeism Rate.

 CEP Rigorous Instruction (Survey) Goal

By June 2021, the percentage of agree or strongly agree responses to question #21b on the NYC School Survey for All Teachers which states, “Teachers say students use data or text references to support their ideas.” will increase  15%, from  56% to 71%, as measured by 2021 NYC School Survey.   

CEP Quality IEP Goal

By June, 2021, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for All Students with Disabilities (SWDs), we will improve Student performance on ELA End of Module Tasks by a 15% Increase, from 26% to 41%, as measured by ELA End of Module Assessments


By June 2021 85% of teachers will agree or strongly agree with the statement, “...adults at their school teach students the skills they need to regulate their behavior (by focusing their attention, controlling their emotions, or managing their thinking, behavior, and feelings),” as measured by question #23g on the Supportive Environment (Safety) section in the 2021 NYC School Survey.